A digital champion volunteer helping a resident on the computer.

How Girish gained skills getting online with Let’s Get Digital drop-in sessions

Published: 24 January 2024
Filed under: Communications

Girish, a local Walthamstow resident, attended his first Let’s Get Digital drop-in session, and now can’t wait to visit more sessions. 

Girish said, “I came and started these sessions because at my age I’m not too good with the computer. Especially nowadays it’s important to have IT knowledge to make your life easier. And it’s like a daily necessity now.”

Girish attended the drop-in session in Walthamstow Library that takes place every Friday from 2pm to 4pm. Residents can drop in at any time within that period and get support from a friendly Digital Champion volunteer. 

Digital Champion volunteers will provide one-to-one support to anyone who attends with patience and friendliness. He said, “The volunteers are very helpful. They have the patience to teach you, and that’s a very important quality. I appreciate that.”

In just one session, Girish made some fantastic steps with his confidence online. He said, “Today I have learnt how to open an email account, how to do online banking, and how to open an online shopping account. This is my first session and I want to start coming again and learn more.” 

With some residents still being digitally excluded, it means they can’t access important services related to things like health, finance and jobs. Girish said, “The sessions are free. Nowadays IT knowledge is so important, to do online banking, online shopping, when you’re travelling. 

“Thank you for organising these sessions. I think it’s really good for the community, as well as the people who learn.”

You can attend one of our Let's Get Digital drop-in sessions at one of our Libraries during the following times, no need to book:

  • Leytonstone Library, every Tuesday 5pm to 7pm
  • Wood Street Library, every Wednesday 5pm to 7pm
  • Walthamstow Library, every Friday 2pm to 4pm

There is also support across the borough, and you can even access help directly at home through AbilityNet. Visit your local library and speak to a member of staff about getting support online.