Celebrating Ukrainian culture at a Walthamstow wedding

Two people getting married
Published: 9 May 2024
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Mariia Ptyts and Roman Paschevici tied the knot in style at our picturesque venue in the heart of Walthamstow.

The couple had their wedding ceremony inside Waltham Forest Town Hall and enjoyed the photo opportunities provided by the grounds of Fellowship Square.

They were both adorned in ‘vyshyvanka’, a traditional embroidered shirt and dress from Ukraine. The ornaments detailed in the design represent the symbolism in Ukrainian culture, including historical moments, customs of ancestors, and foundations of culture.

Mariia said, “It is not just an element of ethnic clothing, but a whole heritage of the nation, which has a deep meaning. The ornaments hide the encrypted message of the ancestors, which were used as amulets.

“The red colour of the embroidered shirt means happiness, prosperity, and fun. White is the colour of joy and bright events, so embroidered shirts in such colours are considered festive.”

Mariia and Roman’s ceremony took place in the Strawberry Suite with 12 guests. The Strawberry Suite is one of six rooms that are available for weddings at Fellowship Square, with a maximum capacity of 145 in our largest room.

Mariia said, “I am very pleased that I chose it as a venue for marriage. There are very friendly employees who are responsible for their work. The ceremony was very sincere, which touched the heart.”

“The rooms are spacious with a nice interior, and outside there is a lot of space for a photo session with relatives, green, beautiful trees and plants and, of course, beautiful fountains near which you can take many photos and videos as a memory. I found you on Instagram and am very pleased. Thank you very much.”