Last updated: 15 February 2024

Next review: 15 February 2025

The Care Act 2014 says that a person will be entitled to have their needs met when:

  • the adult has ‘eligible’ needs
  • the adult is ‘ordinarily resident’ in the local area (which means their established home is there)
    AND where any of these situations apply to them:
  • the type of care and support they need is provided free of charge
  • the person cannot afford to pay the full cost of their care and support
  • the person asks the local authority to meet their needs
  • the person does not have mental capacity and has no one else to arrange care for them

Care Act assessment

Under the act, we have a duty to assess anyone from the age of 17 who appears to require care and support. The aim is to establish how their needs impact on their wellbeing, and what outcomes they want to achieve. This assessment covers both you and your carer. 

Any adult is eligible, if they appear to require care and support, provided their needs impact upon their wellbeing.