Last updated: 5 March 2024

During your child’s early years, you may be concerned about your child’s development. For some children, at these early stages, you might not know if they have learning and developmental delay or SEND. If you’re worried, speak to a health professional, like your GP or Health Visitor.

Waltham Forest's Health Visiting Service carry out development reviews when your child reaches nine months and two years of age. These reviews are to identify any concerns you may have for children aged from birth to five. They will be able to give you advice and may refer your child onto specialist children health services.

If in addition to your child’s learning and development needs there are other areas that your family would like support with, a separate referral can be made to MASH for support from Early Help. You can make this referral yourself or you can speak to any professional supporting your family who can make this referral on your behalf. You can also access a range of support and information from local Family Hubs.

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