Last updated: 12 February 2024

Next review: 12 February 2025

All councils keep a register of children and young people with disabilities in their borough. It’s part of our responsibility under the Children Act 1989.

We use information from the register to plan the type of services, activities and events we provide for children and young people with disabilities. We might also use it to get in touch and talk in more depth with you about the support you receive from us.

The register includes children and young people between birth and 19 years with:

  • Physical disabilities
  • Sight or hearing loss
  • Learning disabilities
  • Communication difficulties
  • Chronic ill health and who require additional help from their parent(s) / carer(s), or other to take part in day-to-day activities.

Sign up for the disability register

The register is completely voluntary, and you don't need to sign up to use our services. However, it does help us plan those services more effectively. The register has information about your child such as their name, address, date of birth and type of disability.

To register your child/young person, simply complete our the form below.