Last updated: 26 March 2024

Next review: 26 March 2025

Lea Bridge and Leyton (Lea Valley Eastside) regeneration

An aerial view of Lea Bridge

Lea Bridge sits in the south-west of the borough. The area has an active and diverse community as well as a strong history, and is characterised by its mix of waterways and green spaces including the Lee Valley Regional Park, Dagenham Brook, and the River Lea. It is also known well for its industrial land, eclectic range of businesses, and residential areas. 

Francis Road, an image of trees and shops


Leyton is an important town centre and home to a vibrant and diverse community.  

The Council helps businesses to run quarterly Francis Road Lates, an evening event where businesses along the road will be open for later than usual, so residents have more time to shop and spend time in the area.

The Council have recently been engaging with the community on The Leyton Mills Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) which helps to inform planning guidance in the local area. The Leyton Mills area includes the New Spitalfields Market, Temple Mills bus depot, Leyton Mills Retail Park and Eton Manor in the Queen Elizabeth Park. The document will ensure that the sites that make up the Leyton Mills area are developed in a joined-up way.  

Visit the Let's Talk website to find out more about the Leyton Mills SPD.