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The CIL is a fee charged on new developments by the Mayor of London and councils in England. It helps to pay for facilities and community services like transport schemes, schools/colleges, and medical/health services.

All London boroughs send money raised by Mayoral CIL to the Greater London Authority (GLA) to fund the Crossrail project.

Money collected through local CIL is used to fund infrastructure projects within the borough.

  • roads and other transport facilities
  • open space and green infrastructure
  • public education facilities
  • employment and training facilities
  • and community facilities and faith buildings, among other projects

Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Levy (NCIL)

The NCIL pot is money the Council collects from new developments within the borough that can be spent on local infrastructure projects. This is legally required to be spent in consultation with the community in areas where development is taking place. 

Take part in the NCIL survey, which is ending on the 14 January 2022.