Parking in Waltham Forest

Effective management of parking is a key part of ensuring a safe, productive, and enjoyable place to live, work or visit. Without fair and proactive parking enforcement there would be dangerous parking outside of schools which increase the risk of children being struck by vehicles and there would also be a lack of vehicle turnover in our High Streets, which would harm our local economy.

We have a commitment to a fair and consistent approach to enforcement in Waltham Forest and ensure that our policies are proportionate and balanced. In order to assist residents and visitor to our borough.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Civil Enforcement Officers paid commission or have targets?

No. The Traffic Management Act (TMA) 2004 prohibits commissions or targets being issued or set. We do not pay commissions or set PCN targets for officers. To quote the Secretary of States Guidance regarding the TMA 2004:

“Performance and rewards/penalties should never be based on the number of penalty charge notices, immobilisation, or removals”.


What hours do Civil Enforcement Officers work?

Our officers work Monday to Saturday 6am to 10pm, and Sunday 8am to 9pm. On some weekends they may work later.


Can I park for free on Bank Holidays?

LBWF Car Parks, Permit Bays, and Pay and Display Bays are free to park in. All other restrictions are enforced as normal. 


Where can I park with a blue badge in Waltham Forest?

Please check our Blue Badges parking guide (PDF) to see a breakdown of where you can and cannot park with a blue badge within Waltham Forest.


Can I park on the pavement? 

Within London, vehicles are not permitted to park on the footway unless there is signage specifically stating this is allowed, if in doubt do not park on the pavement.


How do I renew my permit?

You can renew your permit up to 28 days before expiry, you will be sent a link to your registered e-mail which will allow you to renew.  If you have not received this link 28 days before expiry, please check your Junk/Spam folder, if it is not there then please contact our permit team by emailing or call them on 0203 092 0112, Option 3.


Where can I park with my residential permit?

Resident Permits are valid only in your specific zone and within Permit Bays or Resident Permit Bays only, they are not valid in P&D bays, Yellow Lines, or any other type of parking bay. For other permit types, details can be found in the Terms and Conditions of your permit.


Can I park anywhere in a Controlled Parking Zone?

If you have a resident permit for a specific zone, for example, Low Hall (LH) you are able to park within any permit bay within that zone, where the bays are marked ‘Permit Holders Only, LH’.


How long does a refund take?

A refund will usually be processed within 7 to 14 working days.  If you have not received your refund within 14 working days, please contact


Do I need a permit?

If you live within a controlled parking zone (CPZ) you would require a permit to park within the on-street permit bays.  To check if your address is within a CPZ please check our CPZ Map (PDF) and our CPZ List (Word). If your address is not part of a CPZ but you would like it to be, please contact our Traffic Team at for more information.


How do I cancel my permit?

To cancel your permit, you can do so via your RingGo Account, alternatively you can e-mail our team on, or call 0203 092 0112 Option 3.


My car has been removed; how do I find it?

If your vehicle has been removed, either by LBWF or an Enforcement Agent (bailiff), please check our clamping and removal page for more information.


The permit bays on my road are suspended, where can I park?

If permit bays are suspended on your road, you can park in other permit bays across your CPZ.


I have recently moved to the area and not all my documents are updated to my new address, how do I apply for a parking permit?

If you have recently moved and do have all the necessary proof to apply for a resident permit, you can apply for a temporary resident permit.


I have a contractor/trader visiting my property, how can they park?

If you have a contractor or trader visiting for 7 to 28 days’ worth of work,  you are able to purchase a Resident Trader Permit.  If the traders are visiting for just one day, they can purchase business visitor permits directly from LBWF or you can purchase resident visitor permits yourself and supply the trader directly.  


How can I find my permit number?

You can find your permit number by logging into your RingGo Account.


How do I challenge my PCN?

Visit our challenge a PCN website page.


How do I request a parking suspension for a Funeral?

If you need to request a parking suspension for a funeral,

please contact