Last updated: 25 October 2023

Next review: 25 October 2024

Pay online

A Fixed Penalty Notice is an invitation for you to discharge your liability to prosecution. This means that while this is not an admission of your guilt, you do agree that an offence has been committed. By paying the fine, no further action will be taken by us or on our behalf.

Please note that we are unable to accept payments by instalments.

Before you pay make sure you have:

  • your Fixed Penalty Notice number
  • a credit/ debit card

Use one of the links below depending on your FPN number:

  1. If your FPN number starts with an ‘N’ e.g. N11111 visit this online payment page  
  2. If your FPN number starts with 'WF' and consists of 10 to 13 digits e.g. WF123456789 it will have been issued by our third-party contractor 3GS. Please visit their online page to make payment

To make a payment enter your Fixed Penalty Notice number and card details.

Unfortunately, payments cannot be processed online when using an Apple ‘Macbook’ with the Google Chrome Web browser as this combination is not compatible with our payment system.

Challenge your Fixed Penalty Notice

There are no formal grounds for appeal if you're issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN).

The legislation that governs Fixed Penalty Notices states that a person who receives a Fixed Penalty Notice can contest it in court if they believe they are not guilty of the offence.

However, Waltham Forest Council will consider representations made to challenge Fixed Penalty Notices up to 14 days after they've been issued.

If you wish to challenge a Fixed Penalty Notice, please complete an online form via our website and ensure you have the Fixed Penalty Notice reference number (starting with the letter N). You can also attach any supporting documents in evidence. Once we receive your form, we aim to respond within 10 working days.

Please note that the following are not grounds for cancellation:

  • You did not know the law and did not know it was being enforced
  • This was the first time you committed the offence
  • You believe the officer issuing the Fixed Penalty Notice was rude or did not behave appropriately (we will consider this as a complaint)
  • You have always done this and never received a penalty or warning before
  • There is no signage to tell me the law

While we consider your representation, the Notice is suspended. That means that no further action will be taken until an Adjudication Officer makes their decision. Once this happens, we respond either by email or through your ‘My Account’ if you're registered with our website.

If your representation is upheld no further action will be taken and you will receive no further documentation from us. If your representation is rejected, you will be expected to pay the outstanding Penalty amount.

In exceptional circumstances, where internet access is not available, you can send representations by letter to the address below:

Neighbourhoods Appeals
Town Hall, Fellowship Square
701 Forest Road
E17 4JF

Please note we no longer accept representations made by email.

Please note, we cannot consider representations made to challenge Fixed Penalty Notices issued by our third-party contractors, such as 3GS. If you've been issued a Fixed Penalty Notice by a third-party contractor and wish to make a representation, follow the instructions on the Notice.

If you decide to pay a Fixed Penalty Notice instead of challenging it, please use the link above. Failure to pay a notice may result in prosecution.