Sports pitches and courts

Find out where there are tennis courts, multi-use games areas and football pitches in Waltham Forest.

Last updated: 27 January 2023

Bowling and putting greens

  • Inks Green, Chingford (Grade A+ facilities)
  • Rolls Sports, Hickman Avenue, Chingford (Grade A+ facilities with showers)
  • Memorial Park, Chingford (Grade A facilities)
  • Lloyd and Aveling Park, Forest Road, Walthamstow (Grade A facilities)
  • Higham Hill, Sutton Road, Walthamstow (Grade B+ facilities)
  • Putting is only available at Ridgeway Park, Chingford

Cricket pitches

Cricket pitches are available for the season at the following borough sports grounds and open spaces:

  • Grade A: Low Hall Arena, Parmiters, Britannia and Jubilee Sports Ground, Leyton Sports Ground
  • Grade B: Low Hall - excluding arena, The Rolls

Football, rugby, and hockey pitches

Football, rugby, and hockey pitches are available for the season at the following borough sports grounds.

  • Grade A pitches including Leyton Jubilee Park, Low Hall Arena, Drapers Field, George White. Parmiters and Cavendish, Britannia, Broadfields, Jubilee Sports Ground, Salisbury Hall, and Leyton Sports Ground.
  • Grade B pitches Low Hall, Ainslie Wood, and Rolls.

Tennis courts

There are courts at the following parks available for use all year round.

  • Ridgeway Park
  • Memorial Park
  • Lloyd and Aveling Park
  • Abbotts Park
  • Higham Hill Tennis Courts

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