Last updated: 14 June 2024

Next review: 3 May 2025

Local government continuous service

If you get a job with us, you'll start to accrue continuous service which will count towards many entitlements. This will also continue to apply if you join another local government authority as defined within the Modification Order.

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Annual leave

Annual leave entitlement from 1 April 2023:


Local government service

Entitlement for each employee group

Up to 5 years

5 years and over

Employees on Sc1-4

194.5 hours (or 27 days)

230.5 hours (or 32 days)

Employees on Sc5-6

202 hours (or 28 days)

230.5 hours (or 32 days)

Employees on SO1 – PO12

209 hours (or 29 days)

230.5 hours (or 32 days)

Employees on Chief Officer grade

216 hours (or 30 days)

216 hours (or 30 days)

Occupational Sickness Pay

 The following sick pay is available to WF staff.

Continuous Local Government Service by the employee

Months on

Full pay

Months on

Half pay

Up to 4 months       



In the 5th to 12th month



In the 2nd year



In the 3rd year



In the 4th and 5th years







Family Friendly Policies and Procedure  

We offer excellent family friendly policies which in some cases exceeds statutory requirements.

Maternity Support Leave

Eligible employees will now receive two weeks of maternity support leave at full pay.

Occupational shared parental pay

Eligible employees will receive five weeks occupational shared parental pay, with further time paid at the statutory rate.

Occupational Adoption Pay

Eligible employees will now receive 10 weeks occupational adoption pay,

Maternity Pay

Occupational Maternity Pay

This entitlement is based on 10 week’s pay at 100% of the employee’s average earnings.

Eligible criteria must be met. Employees must return to work for three months after maternity leave to receive this.

The Smallest Things campaign

Parents of babies born at or before 37 weeks are entitled to an extra week’s premature baby leave and premature baby pay (full pay). This applies for every week until their baby’s original due date.

Pension Scheme

The Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) is a valuable part of the pay and reward package for employees working in local government. We have an attractive pension scheme managed by Wandsworth Pension Service

Pension Scheme and Death in service

3x annual salary

In the unfortunate event of death in service

The following benefits are provided by an external provider

Tax free bike schemes

Our Cycle to Work scheme can help you buy a bicycle. You can spread the cost and make significant tax and national insurance savings.

Cycling to work increases health and fitness and is a clean, green, and cost-effective means of travel.

Benefits scheme: Sodexo Entitles employees to great discounts with major retailers, and various attractions as well as cinemas, and restaurants

Based on Sodexo data the average saving is 8% per transaction

If an employee spends £500 on reloadable vouchers, they would save £40

Leisure centres

Employees can get up to 40% discounted membership at Better Leisure Centres within the borough.  Employees are also eligible for a discount at the Gym Group – The Mall, Walthamstow: no joining fee and reduced monthly membership.

Employee credit union

Forest Savers’ credit union offers easy ways to save through payroll deductions. They offer borrowing facilities at lower interest rates than commercial banks.

Eye tests and glasses

Employees who regularly use display screen equipment at work are entitled to reasonable paid time off for an eye test. They will also receive up to £20 towards the costs of an eye test every year.

We'll also pay up to £50 for lenses and frames prescribed to you for working on screen. This applies if the sole purpose recorded in an optometrist’s report is for working on screen.

Season ticket/ travel card loans

Interest free loans are available for annual season tickets and/or travel cards for travel to and from work.