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Policies, procedures and rules which apply to employment

Waltham Forest Council policies, procedures and rules which apply to employment

Policies and procedures

Family Friendly policies, procedures and leave entitlement for eligible employees

The Council wants to be a sympathetic and caring employer who supports it workforce in dealing with the many matters that can affect employees lives. To this aim the Council offers a wide range of family friendly policies that in many cases exceeds its statutory requirements so that our employees can balance their home and working lives more effectively.

The Council has been awarded the ‘Employer with a Heart’ charter mark under the Smallest things campaign for its work to support parents of premature babies. This ground breaking policy was at the forefront of steering the government to make its key changes to neo natal legislation. The Council are also very proud to be the winners of the Guardians Public Service Employee Well-being Award. More information on the Smallest Things.

Returning to work after a career break

The Council recognises the challenges working parents or carers face, particularly after returning to work from a career break after looking after loved ones. We understand that the transition into work can impact a person’s life.

Returning to work after a long employment gap and/or life-changing event can be stressful and the Council wants to ensure that returning to the workplace is an easy and straightforward transition and it is hoped that the following policies will assist with this transition.

Pay and benefits