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What is a family member?

Someone is considered a member of another person's family if:

  • he or she lives with that person as a couple
  • one of them is related to the other
  • or is a relative of one member of the couple.

and where

  • 'couple' means two people who are married to each other or live together as husband and wife (or equivalent same sex partnership)
  • 'relative' means a parent, grandparent, child, grandchild, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, nephew, niece or first cousin* (*a child of a parent's sibling; nephew or niece of a parent; a child of an uncle or aunt; someone who shares common grandparents but not parents)
  • a half-blood relationship is treated the same as a whole blood relationship
  • a stepchild of a person is to be treated as his/her child.