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Planning permission and HMOs

HMOs should have a permission for its use or be able to demonstrate that they have established use.

An Article 4 Direction is in place in Waltham Forest. As such, any HMO of three to six people created after 16 September 2014 [C4 Use Class] must have appropriate planning consent.

This direction does not affect the need for larger HMOs which accommodate seven or more people to have appropriate planning authorisation. This requirement has been in place for many years.

A property owner may be able to show that a premises has established use as an HMO, so further planning consent isn't required.

We will take into account the planning status of an HMO as part of the licence application process. In the case of unauthorised use, we will likely grant a licence with a reduced term, usually one year. If a reduced term licence is granted due to a breach of planning control, the landlord should address this within that same period. This will be either by fixing the breach (returning an unauthorised HMO back to single family use) or getting the necessary planning consent.

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