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Sixty Bricks

Sixty Bricks is a property development company owned by Waltham Forest Council.

Sixty Bricks is so much more than just a company that develops and builds homes. We aim to build vibrant and supportive communities, one brick, one home, one neighbourhood at a time.

Our latest sustainable mixed-tenure development of 45 homes at Lena Kennedy Close is offering 50% affordable, comprised of rented and shared ownership.

Rents are set at social rent levels as well as offering shared-ownership purchase opportunities. All Sixty Bricks purchase and shared-ownership new homes will be prioritised for local people and key workers in Waltham Forest.

We have created four homes that are designated as ‘wheelchair accessible’ and are adaptable for multiple needs. Our approach means that none of our new properties are distinguishable in any way from the exterior and are offered in affordable rent and private purchase forms.

All of our homes will have a contemporary look and feel, be tailored to modern lifestyles and will be secured by design.

We aim to minimise waste, recycle and work with ecologists and heritage associations to ensure minimal disruption to, and the careful protection of, local bio-diversity.

We also aim to ensure that a proportion of our workforce are locally employed, our apprenticeship projects provide opportunities to people to learn trades and skills whilst actively transforming their own communities.

We will offer a plethora of opportunities for our homeowners and residents to connect with their wider local communities through events and social media campaigns which facilitate mutual recognition and support. We are creating shared public spaces, playground areas and upgrading features such as local tennis court areas.

We are resolute that all Sixty Bricks homes and neighbourhoods become the absolute pride of individuals, families and communities and inspire future generations.