Last updated: 19 March 2024

Next review: 19 March 2025

Copying with stress, low mood, and anxiety can make it more difficult to lead your everyday life.

In this section you’ll find some immediate steps you can take to support your mental wellbeing, as well as some online resources that can help.

Five Ways to Wellbeing

Five ways to wellbeing are five actions you can take in your everyday life that have been proven by research to support good mental wellbeing and happiness. Making sure to include these actions into your life will help you keep up a good emotional health. 

  • Connect: social connections can help you feel good, build resilience, and develop good mental wellbeing. 
  • Be active: physical activity done at any intensity and level is not only great for your health but can also help you boost your mood. 
  • Take notice: practicing mindfulness, taking time out of our lives to reflect on experiences, and appreciating the surrounding environment can help us be more in tune with our mental wellbeing.
  • Keep learning: mastering new skills, particularly later in life, improves self-esteem and reduces depression and anxiety.
  • Give or volunteer: giving can be very rewarding and help you feel useful and appreciated, which, in turns, can improve happiness levels.

Online resources

These resources are available online and can provide some actions to help you navigate your feelings.

  • The NHS-approved digital mental wellbeing service, Good Thinking UK, promotes proactive self-care for the four most common mental health conditions: anxiety, low mood, sleeping difficulties and stress. 
  • To help build resilience and maintain good wellbeing, there’s a range of resources for everyone at Every Mind Matters. Including an interactive quiz, the Your Mind Plan, to get top tips and advice relevant to you. 
  • Thrive LDN is a London-wide public mental health partnership to ensure all Londoners have an equal opportunity for good mental health and wellbeing. It includes resources to support your mental wellbeing, as well as ways for you to help others in need.