Last updated: 24 October 2023

Next review: 24 October 2024

The Community Living Rooms Network is a collection of free to access, friendly community spaces across the borough. Residents can use these spaces to relax in public, meet familiar faces, and make new connections. 

Many spaces were previously part of the Winter Spaces Network.

Community Living Rooms

Welcome to Waltham Forest's network of Community Living Rooms.

Community Living Rooms are warm, welcoming spaces for people to socialise and call their own. They are a place for relaxing and meeting new people. The network offers a variety of spaces that have different offers. Some spaces offer social and creative activities such as craft and gardening classes. Other spaces bring people together around food, offering snacks, hot meals, and other food support. Many spaces will also have information, support and guidance to help with the cost of living crisis, if you need it. 

Check this page regularly to find your local Living Room. They will be opening on different dates and times.

Use the map below to find your nearest Community Living Room, learn about activities available, and directions to get there.

You will also find all of Waltham Forest libraries on the map. Libraries are open and available throughout the year, to all residents and non-residents. All libraries have free Wi-Fi and PC computer use with plenty of space to study. You can also access online courses including language lessons, driving theory test preparation, and computer skills lessons.

Each library has daily events for children and adults alike, for more information visit our libraries page.

Network map