Who can get a Covid-19 vaccine?

The following groups are eligible for the spring 2024 Covid-19 booster:

  • People aged 75 years and older
  • Residents in care homes for older people
  • Those aged 6 months and over with a weakened immune system
  • Pregnant people.

If you are invited to attend an appointment to get your Covid-19 vaccination it is important that you do. Vaccination against Covid-19 is safe and effective. It is the single best way to protect yourself and others against it. This is particularly important if you have a weakened immune system.

Pregnancy and fertility

You're at higher risk of getting seriously ill from Covid-19 if you're pregnant. If you get Covid-19 late in your pregnancy, your baby could also be at risk.

For this reason, if you are invited to get your Covid-19 vaccination and you are pregnant, it is important that you attend this appointment to receive your vaccination. Vaccination is the best way to protect against the known risks of Covid-19 in pregnancy for both women and babies. This includes admission of the woman to intensive care and premature birth of the baby.

  • Getting vaccinated against Covid-19 reduces the risk of having a stillbirth.
  • There's no evidence Covid-19 vaccination increases the risk of having a miscarriage, pre-term birth, or other complications in your pregnancy.
  • The Covid-19 vaccines do not contain any live viruses and cannot give you or your baby Covid-19.
  • They have been widely used during pregnancy in other countries and there have been no safety concerns. In the UK, over 100,000 pregnant women have been vaccinated.
  • There's no evidence the Covid-19 vaccines affect your chances of becoming pregnant.
  • There's no evidence that the Covid-19 vaccines affect male fertility.

Vaccines for children (6 months to 4 years) with certain medical conditions

The NHS may be offering Covid-19 vaccinations for children with certain medical conditions aged 6 months to 4 years.

For most children Covid-19 is mild, but infants and young children with certain conditions can become very unwell and need hospital treatment (they are over seven times more likely to be admitted to intensive care). Vaccination will help to protect your child from getting seriously ill from Covid-19.

The dose for each vaccination is smaller than the dose given to those aged over 5 years old. Your child will be offered two vaccinations at least 8 weeks apart to boost their immunity and provide longer-term protection.

If your child is eligible you will be contacted by your GP and invited to come in for a vaccination for your child at the following locations:

  • Woodgrange Medical Practice in Forest Gate
  • Richmond Road Medical Centre in Hackney
  • The Doctors House Surgery in Ilford
  • Fullwell Cross Medical Centre in Redbridge
  • Sir Ludwig Guttman Health Centre in Newham

Read the vaccine Frequently Asked Questions

Find out more information about the vaccine and why it's important by viewing the NHS' guide for parents of children 6 months to 11 years of age at high risk