Last updated: 4 September 2023

Next review: 4 September 2024

Eligibility for a discount or an exemption

You may not need to pay the full amount of Council Tax in the following situations:

You live on your own

You are entitled to a single person discount of 25 percent.

You live with another adult (or adults)

If one or more of them aren't counted for the purpose of council tax, you could get:

  • a single person discount of 25 percent
  • a disregarded discount (25 to 50 percent off your bill)

No one in your home counts for council tax

If you, and all other occupants don't count for council tax, you could be exempt from paying council tax.

Your property is exempt

If your property is used for a purpose which makes it exempt, you don't have to pay council tax.

Please read the criteria on this page.

Your property has been modified for somebody with a disability

If you meet the criteria outlined for disablement relief, your bill can be reduced to the next lowest council band.

You're a care leaver (aged 25 or under)

To qualify you must have been:

  • looked after by the council for at last 13 weeks since you were aged 14
  • looked after by the council on the date you stopped being compulsory school age

You can apply for *council tax support*. 

If you already get this, you can apply for the Discretionary Council Tax Hardship Award.