The Council's role

It is illegal to put up signs or stalls for the sale of produce within the highway, including grass verges. However, produce can be sold from the land on which it is grown. However, but signs advertising such facilities must be clear of the highway and may require planning permission. Any unlicensed use of the highway for tables and chairs is an obstruction and may be dealt with by the police.

Many types of permission may need to be obtained before tables and chairs can be placed on a part of the highway:

You may need to request planning permission and Listed Building Consent from us for the use of the land or building for a cafe. There is a fee for this and planning approval must have been granted before  we will consider an application.

You will require A Highway Amenities Licence (Highways Act 1980) from us as the Highway Authority, to put tables and chairs out on a public highway. This applies whether is is on the street, or a pavement or a pedestrian area. There is a fee for this, which must be paid before a licence can be issued.



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