Last updated: 1 February 2024

Next review: 1 February 2025

Discover how to maximise your FHRS rating, including 2 hours of bespoke advice from one of our Environmental Health Officers.

Cost: £318

If you wish to request and pay for a re-visit following an inspection to get a new FHRS rating please go to our food safety for businesses section on our website. 

What we offer:

  • A site visit from an experienced and qualified Food Safety Officer who will provide practical advice appropriate to your business (up to 2 hours).
  • Advice for your business on how to achieve the highest possible standards. The officer will write this up in a simple and easy to understand report.
  • An up to date Safer Food Better Business pack and diary. Taking you through what the pack contains, how to use it to improve food safety and how to complete it.
  • An opportunity to ask for advice specific to your business.
  • For new businesses at the planning stage, guidance on the layout and design of your premises to avoid the risk of cross contamination and to adhere to structural requirements.
  • For new or existing businesses advice on how to obtain your best possible FHRS rating / improve your current FHRS rating.

Who is it for

  • For start-up businesses and newly registered food businesses. Gain or Retain 5 is regarded as essential for people new to food businesses.
  • Existing businesses can also take advantage of Gain or Retain 5 to ensure they maintain their existing rating or improve to a rating of five.

How can it help you

  • Save you time by having professional advice tailored to your business.
  • Save you money through receiving advice on appropriate procedures and equipment you need. This is proportionate to the level of your business, avoiding over-spending on compliance.
  • Enhance your chances of receiving or retaining a high FHRS rating that you can use in your marketing. This gives your business a competitive edge and can help reduce the risk of reputational damage.
  • Give you reassurance from a compliance perspective.
  • Enable you to put in place the building blocks to grow your business in a sustainable way.

Get started

Drop us an email and an officer will get in touch with you.

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