Repatriate a dead body from abroad to England

To bring a dead body back to England, the Coroner may need to be involved. Sometimes, an inquest may be necessary. You can ask for advice from your coroner's office.

Repatriate a dead body from England to abroad

To take the body abroad, you must give written notice to the coroner. The coroner will tell you in four working days whether further inquiries are needed.

Your funeral director can apply to the coroner for you. The coroner will ask to see the original death certificate.

Some countries require a Cadaver Certificate before they will allow a body into the country for burial. This certificate confirms that no epidemic of infectious disease occurred in the borough three months before the death.

Cadaver certificates

The funeral director who is making the arrangements for the relatives of the deceased person usually applies for the cadaver certificate. But anyone can apply. The funeral director will also assist families with anything the coroner needs for the authorities in the country where the deceased is being repatriated. Some of these requirements may also apply to burials in another part of the United Kingdom.

For more information contact:

The Coroners Court for the Eastern District of London
Queens Road
E17 8QP

Direct line 020 8496 5000
Fax No (for Walthamstow, Newham and Redbridge): 020 8496 3378
Fax No (for Barking and Dagenham and Havering): 020 8496 3379

The office hours are:

Monday-Friday, 8.00am-12 noon and 1pm-3.30pm.

Outside these hours, the Coroners Officer on call may be contacted via your local Police Station.