The East London Forensic Centre, in the London Borough of Waltham Forest, is a new state-of-the-art facility dedicated to providing comprehensive post-mortem examination services. Catering to the needs of the East London and other London Coroners, our centre is equipped to perform both invasive and non-invasive examinations (From June 2024) with the utmost respect and dignity. Our facility serves London and the surrounding regions. 

A facility that will serve the local area for years to come.

With an eye towards innovation and the evolving needs of our community, the East London Forensic Centre is at the forefront of the post-mortem sector. We are committed to continuous improvement, embracing new technologies and methodologies that enhance our services in our mission to serve the community with professionalism and care.

For more information about our services or to inquire about utilising our facilities, contact us at


  • receives and stores bodies for the coroner
  • assist the pathologists with post-mortems to determine the cause of death
  • assist forensic pathologists with post-mortems in cases where criminal charges may arise
  • provide information and advice about post-mortems and what to do after a death
  • assist the coroner to deal quickly with cases for faith or cultural requirements

Fees and how to pay for Mortuary services

Item2024 to 2025
Storage Per Day*£29.10
Post Mortem Examination (invasive)£999.12
Post Mortem Examination (non-invasive)£999.12
Special Post Mortem Examination£1,504.00
Infectious Diseases Post Mortem Examination£1,057.31
Second Post Mortem Examination£1,057.31
Releasing Body (out of hours)£397.70
Private Post Mortem Examination£1,504.00

*Storage charges are applicable from 10 working days after the Coroner issues a release certificate. 

For information about a career in this field please visit the web site of Association of Anatomical Pathology Technology.

Mortuary public consultation

Public Mortuary consultation information sheets (pdf) for the public consultation taking place on Wednesday 16 February.

Collections and releases including out of hours arrangements

Book a body admittance or removal

The mortuary also has a phone number to allow undertakers to collect the deceased out of hours by appointment only. There is a £331.42 charge for this service.

Out of hours telephone: 07900 133 820



East London Forensic Centre

124 Queens Road
E17 8QP 

Opening times

Monday: 9am to 2pm Tuesday: 9am to 2pm Wednesday: 9am to 2pm Thursday: 9am to 2pm Friday: 9am to 1pm