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Our cemeteries include Walthamstow Queens Road Cemetery and Chingford Mount Cemetery.

Last updated: 3 April 2023

Next review: 3 January 2024

Opening hours

Chingford Mount Cemetery and Queens Road Cemetery gate opening times 

Month Monday to Saturday Sundays
January to March 7:30am to 4pm 10am to 4pm
April to September 7:30am to 7:30pm 10am to 6pm
October to December 7:30am to 4pm 10am to 4pm

As the gates will be locked at the times stated in order to secure the cemetery, all visitors and their vehicles are asked to leave the cemetery in good time. No person is permitted to be in the cemetery outside the published opening hours.

It may be necessary at times to lock the gates earlier than stated due to circumstances beyond our control. If this is necessary appropriate notices will be displayed advising visitors of this.

The Council reserves the right to limit public entry or to close the cemeteries at any time.

Chingford Mount Cemetery office opening hours

Monday to Thursday: 9:30am to 12pm and 1pm to 3pm
Friday: 9:30am to 12pm (open for Funerals 1pm to 3pm)
Closed for Bank Holidays and Public Holidays

Cemetery rules and regulations

Read our cemetery rules and regulations guide (PDF)


Chingford Mount Cemetery

Only residents of the borough can get new graves and cremated remains plots. The deceased must have lived in Waltham Forest when they died. We will need to see proof of residency.

Chingford Mount Cemetery Map

Walthamstow Queens Road Cemetery

This cemetery is now full and unable to accept new graves.

Walthamstow Queens Road Cemetery Map

Memorials, headstones and inscriptions

You must contact us if you want to erect a memorial or add an extra inscription to a headstone, even if you own the grave.

We will need to check the memorial or inscription to make sure it complies with our cemetery regulations.

Guidelines for memorials

Our guidelines for memorials are:

  • headstone - marble, granite or other stone to measure:
    height 36” maximum, width 30” maximum, thickness 4” maximum
  • vase - marble or granite to measure: 8” x 8” x 8” mandatory.
    no more than two allowed per grave
  • temporary memorials in a wooden cross, can be erected providing they are not more than 36” in high

Memorial maintenance

The grave owner is responsible for:

  • maintaining headstones, kerbs or other memorials 
  • arranging suitable repairs when necessary
  • removing these to a safe  place outside the cemetery grounds unless laid down directly and safely on the plot

Chingford Mount - burials price list

Search burial records

We can search our burial registers for a fee, or you can see the burial registers yourself.

For us to search, please download the form below, complete it and return it to us at the address in the Contact section below. You will need to include the correct payment by cheque. If you prefer to pay by other means, please contact us.

Grave searches request form (PDF)

If you'd like to see the burial registers yourself, please contact the Register Office to book an appointment. Usually appointments are arranged for Fridays.

Dog walking in the cemetery

You can walk your dogs in the cemetery but kept them on a lead and stay on the main drive. Please don’t walk your dog along the footpaths, grave rows or near grave memorials (except guide dogs).

Other cemeteries

We do not own or manage the Cemeteries below. 

For more information about these Cemeteries, please contact them directly.

Waltham Forest Muslim Burial Trust Cemetery
Folly Lane
London E17 E4 8TX
Telephone: 020 8281 7359

St Patrick's Catholic Cemetery
Langthorne Road
E11 4HL
Telephone: 0208 539 2451

To enquire about other cemeteries in London, please contact a funeral director or the council the cemetery is in.


You must get an exhumation licence from the Home Office to exhume buried remains.

Our cemeteries

Chingford Mount Cemetery

121 Old Church Road
Chingford, E4 6ST
Phone: 020 8524 5030

Walthamstow (Queens Road) Cemetery

Queens Road
Walthamstow, E17 8QP