Last updated: 7 July 2023

Next review: 5 April 2024

Occupational therapy is about giving you support with particular activities. This is to help with any physical or mental challenges that you may have.

A member of the team will visit you at home and assess your ability to carry out everyday tasks. They will then discuss with you how to maintain and increase your independence and ensure your safety at home.

The occupational therapist may assess your abilities in the following areas:

  • getting in and out of bed
  • getting on and off the toilet
  • going up and downstairs
  • getting in and out of your house

How the occupational therapy team can help

A member of the occupational therapy team will:

  • make appropriate recommendations to address the difficulties you or your carer are having. They will try to find solutions to maximize your independence
  • offer advice on how to carry out activities, or suggest equipment and minor adaptations to help you
  • recommend major adaptations to your property if necessary

Eligibility for community occupational assessment

Occupational therapy assessments are offered to people of all ages who fulfil the following three requirements:

  • live permanently in Waltham Forest
  • live with a permanent and substantial disability
  • have difficulty carrying out essential activities by themselves.

How to get this service

People aged over 18 can self-refer to the occupational therapy service by calling Waltham Forest Direct on 020 8496 3000.

Making a referral on behalf of someone else

A person's GP, family member, or other professionals can also make a referral on behalf of someone else.

Download and complete the Adult Social Care referral form (Word file). Your local library can help you complete forms. 

And return it to:

Occupational Therapy Service

Willow House

869 Forest Road
London E17 4UH

Community Learning Disability Team (CLDT)

We work with people in their homes or day centres to help you gain or develop skills. We assess your difficulties, needs, and concerns around:

  • personal care such as washing and dressing
  • domestic tasks such as housework and cooking
  • community and leisure activities. This includes using public transport or the swimming pool
  • work and vocational skills such as sheltered employment and training

We then discuss and plan ways of working towards possible solutions and of overcoming any effects of your disability.

Who can have this service

Adults with a learning disability living in Waltham Forest are assessed as needing the service.

The service is provided free, according to your health needs.

How to get this service

In the first instance, contact your social worker or the Community Learning Disabilities Team.

Community Learning Disabilities Team

30 Coleridge Road

London E17 6QU

Children's Occupational Therapy Team

An occupational therapist is trained to help a child or young person develop and maintain their independence skills. They work with children at home, in their school, or in the wider community.

Sometimes a child will need occupational therapy to help them change the way they complete an activity. This could include working on their ability to coordinate themselves, using their hands, or improving their planning skills. This treatment is usually activity based where play, group, or craft activities are carefully used in the child’s programme.

Other children will need the loan of specialised equipment or adaptations to their homes. This could include grab rails beside the toilet to help with their independence. Often carers may need specialised equipment to move their children safely or help them bathe or sit comfortably.

Occupational therapists assess the needs of the child, their carers, and the home. They do this so they can advise on the most appropriate way of helping each individual. An occupational therapist will also advise schools on the most appropriate equipment and adaptations for a child. To find out more visit the children's occupational therapy page.