Last updated: 24 August 2023

Next review: 24 August 2024

Once your caring role ends, you may want to return to work. If you gave up work to become a carer, or haven't worked due to caring responsibilities, you'll need to get your career on track.

Identifying your skills

You may be unsure of what you want to do, or even what you're capable of doing. It may help to first identify the skills you have. Think of what you have learned from being a carer. As well as paid work, this may include the tasks and responsibilities involved in being a carer. For example, organising and arranging care support.

Think about any voluntary and community work you may have been involved in and identify any transferable skills you have built up during any job or activity (that you can apply to other jobs).

Jobcentre Plus and the National Careers Service can give you more advice on identifying transferable skills.

If you feel you no longer have the skills you once had, or want to brush up on them, you may be entitled to fully funded vocational skills training. This includes National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs), employability, English, maths and ICT. If you are receiving benefits, your Jobcentre Plus Work Coach can offer advice. You can also approach your local college directly about accessing training.