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Our payment system is changing

Published: 29 June 2023
Filed under: Digital Team

We’re changing our payment service provider. Adelante SmartPay 6 will replace CivicaPay on Wednesday 5 July 2023.

Why we’re changing the system

The new system offers:

  • a clear and easy-to-use interface
  • option to save your card details, allowing a quicker and easier checkout in the future
  • the latest encryption to ensure that card and personal details remain completely secure

Making payments

How you find how to make payment on our site and through our forms will remain the same, so you should not be affected in any way. It can take a few days to update all the links on our website. Please bear with us during this change and check back for updates.

Our online forms for a range of services will link to the new system and our staff will be available for those needing operator-assisted support to make a payment.

You can continue to make payments at a Post Office or PayPoint or via your bank.

Once we changed systems on the 5 July any historical payment information held in CivicaPay will no longer be available online, but can be supplied on request.  

When we change over the system on 5 July, we expect very little to no downtime but will keep you updated through our news channels and public site.

Paying by phone

We are also introducing a new TonePay service which allows residents and businesses to pay by phone.

Please be aware our parking systems for payments are not affected by this change.