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Virtual School for Looked After Children

Find out how Virtual School can provide support and guidance for children and young people in care or adopted.

Last updated: 21 February 2023

The Virtual School (VS) team works to raise the educational standards and attendance of adopted or looked after children and young people.

They ensure that Looked After Children (LAC) have access to the best possible educational opportunities. They do this by providing additional resources to support those involved in their children's education. 

The VS also provides advice, support and guidance to schools, social workers, and parents/ guardians of children:

- left for care under a special guardianship;

- or child arrangement order or adoption order;

and are educated in Waltham Forest

For more information

Contact the Virtual School Service by email or 'phone.

Virtual School Service

0208 496 1741 (Young people in care can call 0208 496 3927)