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Additional information

If you want your child to take exams, such as GCSEs, your plan must include the year your child will sit exams, deadlines for applying, where they will take exams, and you will need to be familiar with the details of the correct syllabus to follow.

Many subjects also have coursework, which will need to be marked by someone the exam board has approved.

You will also need to contact an exam centre directly and register your child for the exams. You will be responsible for all the fees.

College courses for 14 to 16 year olds (key stage 4)

Home educated young people aged 14 to 16 can go to college, either full or part time, and the government may fund the course. It is up to the colleges whether or not to admit under 16s. These students can do any course agreed by the college, not just a designated 14-16 course, although many colleges still don't offer GCSE courses.

Planning your future career, education or training

We usually encourage young people to explore their future options around career choices, and continuing their education and training, from around the age of 14.  

Returning to school

Should your circumstances change, and you need or want your child to return to school, you need to apply for a school place through an in year admission. If you need any help or support in accessing a school place you can discuss this with us, your elective home education contact can guide help with this process.

More advice for parents (PDF). 

Information for student and parents on home schooling