There are a number of schemes offering financial help to students in further education.

We are responsible for two education charity trusts for Waltham Forest students attending University or higher education.

Help with studying costs

You could get a bursary to help with education-related costs if you’re aged 16 to 19 and studying in England.

Hardship funds

Schools, colleges and training providers have funds to help if you’re studying or starting a full-time course and are facing monetary problems.

For advice, speak to the student support services at your college or to your tutor.

Discretionary Learner Support

If you’re:

  • aged 19 or over,
  • on a further education course,
  • and facing financial hardship

You could get Discretionary Learner Support (DLS). You apply to your learning provider (e.g. college) for this.

Free and discounted travel

Free and discounted travel is available for 16 to18 years old living in London.

Waltham Forest Fellowship Foundation bursary scheme

As part of the strategy to support the aspiration and needs of young people, Waltham Forest Council is offering university living cost bursaries for students planning to study Medicine and other Science-based courses at Queen Mary University London

About the programme 

The Fellowship Foundation bursary is a new scheme that aims to support young people into higher education within the medical, biological, chemical, and pharmaceutical fields. The scheme has been created in recognition of the incredible work and sacrifice of individuals within the medical & pharmaceutical professions over the past year.  

2020/2021 was a challenging year that widened inequalities for young people within education. So, the bursary scheme aims to tackle these inequalities head on and connect all our young people with careers in growing reliable and esteemed professions. 

The scheme is dedicated to Cllr Chris Robbins, who passed away on the 5 of April 2021 during his role as the Mayor of Waltham Forest. Chris was a dedicated public servant who has served our community since 2002 with dignity, grace, and compassion. 

What support is available  

University cost of living support  

Only a limited number of bursaries are available, however, we do still strongly encourage all those who meet the eligibility criteria to apply through Queen Mary University London.  

Successful students will receive a termly payment to help cover living costs for the duration of their course. Additional payments will be made to support students to pay for accommodation deposits, induction week, graduation tickets and gowns and the transition into post-university life.  

There is a maximum award of £4,000 per annum. Payments will be paid in 2 parts each year in September and January with a supplementary payment to be made at the end of the final year of study.  

Funding is guaranteed for the duration stated on the application form given no change in circumstances.  

The student’s experience on the scheme  

It is hoped this scheme will not only provide financial assistance but a wider offer that will enhance and support the student’s university and post-university experience.  

The scheme will bring together the students from across the years, developing a support network. We hope students will share tips and tricks for life at university, discuss how they are finding university and the challenges they’ve faced, and support each other into the world of work.  

The scheme will also provide opportunities to get involved in the scheme’s future alumni engagement activities, including public speaking, which will be a great opportunity to expand networks and boost CVs.  

How to apply?

To apply for the bursary scheme please apply directly to Queen Mary via the university’s bursary page. Applications will open in February 2022 for acceptance onto a course starting September 2022.  

How are the bursary awards decided?   

The bursary will be awarded following the result of a free and open competition, and an interview. The eligible candidates will be shortlisted by the university and successful applicants will be chosen by the Fellow Foundation Bursary Review Board. Board consists of 3 council members, two Waltham Forest headteachers and a Waltham Forest young person.

The Waltham Forest Fellowship Foundation may not be able to provide awards for every eligible young person who applies. Therefore, outlined below are the priorities of the scheme which will be used to decide how awards are allocated each year. 

  • Balance bursaries between applicants with different additional criteria  
  • Balance bursaries across ages up to 25 
  • Reflect a range of academic ability and course choice within the specified disciplines  

If an applicant is unsuccessful initially, they will be put on the reserve list and can go through the adjustment and clearing process. They will also be able to reapply the following year. 

Bursaries made vacant for any reason will then be made available for students in the ‘reserve’ list. 

More details on eligibility and application process coming soon.