Second Time Around Shop

The shop is based in Kings Road Reuse and Recycling Centre and is an “Aladdin’s Cave” of items saved from the scrapheap.

We must get used to extending the useful lives of objects and materials by giving them a second chance. Extending the life of an item is great for the planet, it saves energy and reduces its environmental impact.

You can donate things like unwanted furniture, toys, bicycles, garden tools and knickknacks to our ReUse shop. The shop accepts most household items that you no longer need but which are still in good, working condition. If you do have something to donate, just speak to one of our staff.

The Second Time Round Shop opened its doors in 2015 as a way of saving items that local residents no longer required and were brought to our reuse and recycling centres for disposal. The items that were in good, usable condition were put to the side by our staff who didn't want to see them go to waste and so the ReUse Shop was born, or as it was known then, the Second Time Around shop. It has since grown into the area's best kept secret amongst upcycling and second hand shopping enthusiasts. 

Before the shop opened many of these items would have been sent for recycling – requiring energy to turn it into something new – or worse yet, be disposed of in an energy from waste facility. 

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Contact details


Kings road Reuse and Recycling Centre

48 Kings Road
E4 7HR

Opening times

Wednesday: 9am to 4pm Thursday: 9am to 4pm Friday: 9am to 4pm Saturday: 9am to 4pm