Last updated: 30 January 2024

Next review: 30 January 2025

Would you like to do more to shop ethically and perhaps more cost effectively?  Buying reused, reclaimed, second hand, preloved things or borrowing them is an excellent way to reduce your household's environmental impact and very often to save quite a bit of money too.  Repairing things we already own, whenever we can, is also really good for the environment and the pocket. 

Waltham Forest Council and Forest Recycling Project want to help you to do more. We have put a call out and done a lot of networking to find reuse and repair services and projects across the borough, which you can search and browse for in our Repair and Reuse Directory which will be coming soon for residents to use.  

If you would like to learn new repair skills, there are experts who will show you how. Events and workshops are often held throughout the year in Waltham Forest. 

To find an event happening near you, visit our events page or other local resources including social media, Eventbrite, local newspapers or the Waltham Forest News

For those wanting to find their own solutions, Youtube and Wikihow are great resources. You can search for general repair skills lessons or look for ways to resolve a specific repair problem. 

Dr Bike will help you with repairing your bicycle.  They regularly hold free events in the borough.  Find out more on our Cycle Training, Safety and Maintenance page

Experts who will repair your things for you can also be found on our soon to be published repair directory included in the London Recycles Repair Week website 

Find local repairers in the London Recycles London Repair Directory 

Two hands are shown.  A small tool is being used to fix electronics

Waltham Forest Festival of Reuse and Repair 2024

Come along and be inspired by new ways to reuse, repair, recycle, upcycle and repurpose your household goods, clothes, beloved and everyday items at our Reuse and Repair Fairs, which will tour Waltham Forest in 2024!