Repairing your things

Get things repaired, to help the environment and save money.

Last updated: 14 September 2023

Next review: 30 March 2024

By seeking out experts to repair your things or learning skills to repair them yourself, you can save money and help our planet. Each item that is repaired prevents waste and saves the need to use valuable resources to produce a replacement. 

Repairing can be fun, brings people together, and is becoming more and more fashionable!

If you would like to learn new repair skills, there are experts who will show you how. Events and workshops are often held throughout the year in Waltham Forest.

To find an event happening near you, visit our events page or other local resources including social media, Eventbrite, local newspapers or the Waltham Forest News.

For those wanting to find their own solutions, Youtube and Wikihow are great resources. You can search for general repair skills lessons or look for ways to resolve a specific repair problem.

Dr Bike will help you with repairing your bicycle.  They regularly hold free events in the borough.  Find out more on our Cycle Training, Safety and Maintenance page.

Experts who will repair your things for you can be found on the Repair directory included in the London Recycles Repair Week website. The directory lists shops, community schemes and projects in London that can help get your possessions repaired, including bicycles, electronics, homewares and textiles.  To have your favourite Waltham Forest repairers included in this directory, please nominate them on the London Recycles Get in Touch form

Two hands are shown.  A small tool is being used to fix electronics

Repair Week 2023

From Monday 20 March to Sunday 26 March 2023, Waltham Forest took part in Repair Week

Repair Week is an annual celebration of repair throughout London where we invite you to gain repair skills, fall back in love with your stuff and help save some money and the planet while you’re at it! With numerous events happening around Waltham Forest and across London, spotlights on our #LocalRepairHeroes and a bunch of tips and tricks to help you repair your stuff, Repair Week is designed to give you the confidence to get repairing!

We hope you enjoyed our Waltham Forest Repair Week 2023 events!  

Two hands are shown with needle and thread repairing jeans