Last updated: 23 January 2024

Next review: 23 January 2025

The Mall Walthamstow


The development will bring significant investment into Walthamstow town centre and opportunity for businesses and residents alike.

The approved scheme will bring £200 million of private investment, provide a new retail space, 350 new permanent retail jobs, 500 new homes (including below market rent homes), a new children’s play area and re-landscaped town square, as well as enabling a new step-free access to the Victoria line.

Plans to redevelop The Mall in the heart of Walthamstow were submitted by its owner Capital and Regional and approved by Waltham Forest Council’s Planning Committee on Wednesday 27 January 2021. The scheme was referred to the Mayor of London, who agreed the planning decision. An application for the underground station works was approved in parallel with the redevelopment plan. 

These new applications built on the previous planning permission, taking on board local resident consultation feedback and changes requested by the Council, such as retaining most of the lime tree in the avenue. Capital and Regional have worked with the Council to maximise the amount of affordable housing generated by the scheme, including below market rent homes in the development and over £7m to deliver further affordable housing nearby. 

The approved planning applications propose changes to the previously consented redevelopment that will: 

  • Facilitate a potential new step-free entrance to Walthamstow Central underground station at the entrance to The Mall 
  • Retain the avenue of lime trees in the Town Square and provide a new and improved children’s play area as part of the rejuvenation of Walthamstow’s main public space 
  • Move the residential towers back from the Town Square and create a more active street frontage on Selborne Road 
  • Provide 538 homes that are for local people to rent, including 99 homes discounted below market rent levels, alongside a contribution of £7.3 million to enable delivery of additional affordable homes in the wider area 

See details of the application under reference number 202491

Application reference number 202489 is for:

  • provision of a new London Underground operational railway station box with new underground connection to London Underground platforms*
  • associated ancillary works and structures.

* this will provide an underground box to provide improved access to tube station platforms.

Saving the avenue of lime trees

The Council worked extensively with Transport for London (TfL) and the owners of the site, Capital and Regional (C&R), on finalising proposals for the redevelopment of the Mall.

Listening to feedback from residents, C&R’s plans retain the majority of the lime trees in the avenue. Waltham Forest Council is committed to ensuring the new development meets the highest environmental standards.

New shopping mall

The Mall will bring a new and improved retail space.

The new Mall will deliver shopping units designed for major retailers alongside small local independent stores.

Redeveloping the Mall will give residents the choice of shopping locally, rather than travelling to shopping areas in Stratford and further afield.

The plans for an increase in retail businesses at the Mall will create 350 new permanent jobs in the area.

New Town square

The current Town Square is not fit for purpose. It is outdated, badly designed and a magnet for anti-social behaviour.

The new Town Square will have an increased number of trees and be designed to create a space better suited for outdoor events.

New jobs

The scheme will create 350 new permanent retail jobs.

When construction is taking place there will be around 500 jobs created, including some apprenticeships.

Disruption to the Mall and the Station

We expect both the shopping centre and the station to remain open during the development of these new facilities.

Closing them would involve huge disruption to many people. Although this presents challenges during construction, we are confident any disruption will be minimal.

Who is Capital and Regional?

Capital and Regional has owned the Mall shopping centre in Walthamstow for more than 20 years.