Along with the station entrance, the council is developing these sites to support the creation of a central area for the community with a character and amenities that will benefit residents, be less dominated by traffic, and bring new opportunities to the area. This development is an exciting opportunity to support the borough’s Covid 19 economic recovery action plan and add to the positive improvements made in Lea Bridge.

Additionally, the development will make sure there are opportunities for local people and will create jobs for up to 45 local residents, 17 apprenticeship, 15 meaningful work placements and 138 training opportunities.

Proposals for which Planning was approved include:

  • The new entrance to Lea Bridge Station with a new station plaza
  • 345 new homes, with an ambition for 50% affordable homes
  • A net increase in trees and biodiversity
  • 45 jobs, 17 apprenticeships, 138 training opportunities and 15 paid work placements
  • 750 square metres of high quality publicly accessible green space
  • Community and Cultural Hub
  • Commercial space
  • Children’s play space (indoor and outdoor)
  • £350,000 spent in the local supply chain
  • 'Community Chest Fund' developed with the community

Station entrance

The planning application for a new station entrance was approved on 14 January 2021.

The proposals for the new entrance include a ticket hall, provision for automatic ticket gate lines, a retail unit on the ground floor, and a basement level cycle hub with 130 bicycle parking spaces, an increase from the 48 that are there currently.

The new station entrance will be accessible via the station concourse and will connect to Network Rail’s existing footbridge. Cycle hangars for disabled cyclists and new bike stands will also be incorporated outside the new station entrance within the proposed public plaza.

There will be a feature wall within the station entrance that will celebrate the history, communities and achievements of the local area. In summer 2020, public engagement was done about what this wall should look like and how residents could be involved in its design.

A public engagement event was held on 29 September 2020 to share details of the planning application for the station entrance.

Development partners

Following a robust procurement process, in May 2020 the council selected London Square Developments Ltd as development partners for these sites. The executive decision reports approving this can be viewed on our democracy website.


  • Summer 2020: The council entered into a development agreement with London Square Developments Ltd 
  • January 2021: Planning for station entrance approved
  • Summer and autumn 2021: Resident engagement for the wider development
  • March 2022: Planning committee decision for the main scheme is submitted with statutory consultation
  • Summer 2022: Anticipated start of works with construction likely to be phased
  • February 2023: Section 106 agreement completed and planning consent issues 
  • Summer 2024: Anticipated start of works on site 
  • Spring 2025: Anticipated opening of the new station entrance
  • Winter 2027: Anticipated completion of the development

Consultation and engagement

Consultation and engagement activities have included:

  • Consultation and engagement about the council’s draft development brief for the three sites in 2018, which resulted in changes made to the brief
  • Updates provided to Lea Bridge Ward Forum
  • Meetings held with residents and local community groups
  • Issues raised being addressed through a range of initiatives including the Area Framework

The council sought views from residents, local businesses, and community groups on initial proposals for the Lea Bridge Station sites as the first stage of public engagement, following the conclusion of the broader consultation undertaken for the Lea Bridge and Leyton Vision.

An initial brief was developed with BPR Architects and AR Urbanism and was summarised at  public engagement event on 2 December 2017 at Sybourn Primary School and were on display at Lea Bridge Library until 24 January 2018.

Proposals for the Lea Bridge Station sites have been influenced by these engagement events and by early discussions with developers to understand the interest in developing these sites.

In response to this feedback, the council commissioned further surveys, including a tree survey and a Flood Risk Assessment. The surveys were made available to potential development partners, with their recommendations incorporated into the development brief.

Following the formal appointment of London Square Development Ltd under a Development Agreement in March 2021, London Square with support from the Council undertook a series of engagements with the local community in the lead up to the planning submission.

Further details on the full engagement process can be found in the Statement of Community Involvement in this development's planning application.

For more relevant and up to date information, visit the Lea Bridge Station Sites website.