Last updated: 29 February 2024

Next review: 1 March 2025

Children smiling on a tree trunk in Highams Park

We all want to see a fairer, more equal borough, where everyone has the opportunities to make the most of their life chances. We are committed to prioritising the things that are most important to residents like building safe, resilient communities, improving our schools, and protecting local heritage. 

The Capital Investment Strategy sets out details of how we will invest £749.2m over the next ten years in the places and - most importantly - the people that make Waltham Forest such a great place to live, work, and study. 

These plans will deliver substantial benefits for local people. To help tackle the housing crisis we will build 3,017 new homes, of which over half will be affordable, and at the same time create 1,116 new jobs alongside 638 apprenticeships and work placements. These skills will help set local young people up for success in their future careers – we want the builders of tomorrow to lay their first foundations in Waltham Forest. 

An image of the Juniper House building from up high

Our investment has seen a number of significant successes in 2023 alone. This includes the completion of Juniper House (pictured above), where the University of Portsmouth London campus will welcome its first students next year, and Coronation Square, a brand-new neighbourhood in the heart of Leyton, where residents have already started to move into their new homes. 

The council also has an important duty to attract inward investment and build a strong, inclusive local economy that works for everyone.

As a prudent, sensible council, we are always looking to ensure our investment represents the best possible value for taxpayers. Read more about all our projects in the strategy below.