How to comment on planning applications

If you have a comment on a planning application, you need to tell us:

  • in writing
  • within the 'consultation period'

The consultation period usually lasts for 21 days (or 14 days for changed plans). This begins the date the application is registered (it's also published on this day). 

If you have questions about an application or need more information, contact the relevant Planning Officer. You'll find their details online when you search for the planning application. You can also use the portal to comment on planning applications. 

View an application 

To view an application, you do not need to log in.

The best way to search for an application is with the six digit reference number.

Select search and the results of your search will appear at the bottom of the page.

To view the planning application in more detail, select view.

Comment on an application 

To comment on a planning application you must be logged in.

To log in select ‘log in’ on the right side menu. Or register for an account.

After you've logged in, when searching for planning applications you can add a comment. Once submitted, your comment will then be sent to the planning team. 

If you’re having trouble using the portal, we recommend trying a different browser.

What happens after you comment

Most applications are decided by senior planning officers.

If your application is considered by the planning committee we'll send you a letter. It will tell you the meeting date and you should address the committee.

To find out more, see our page on how we decide on planning applications.

What you can and can't comment on

You can comment on:

  • loss of light or overshadowing
  • overlooking or loss of privacy
  • visual appearance (for example, design, appearance, and materials)
  • layout and density of buildings
  • traffic generation, highway safety, or adequate parking
  • noise, smells, and disturbance 
  • loss of trees
  • effect on listed buildings or conservation areas
  • relevant planning policies (eg, government policy statements, the London Plan, the local development plan, and supplementary planning guidance)

You can't comment on: 

  • matters controlled under building regulations or other non-planning legislation such as structural stability, fire precaution, control of pollution, and statutory nuisances
  • private issues between neighbours (such as land or boundary disputes, damage to property, private rights of way, covenants)
  • loss of value of property (but the reasons why it might affect the value can be considered in their own right)
  • problems associated with the construction period (such as hours of work, noise, dust, construction vehicles. Environmental protection legislation might be relevant)
  • loss of a view

You can't comment on proposals that have a Lawful Development Certificate. This is a certificate that can be issued for alterations, extensions, or changes that don't need planning permission (under 'permitted development').