Talk to us about your application

You're more likely to be successful if you speak to us first.

Last updated: 16 February 2023

Your application is more likely to succeed if you speak to us first, and act on our recommendations.

Planning applications can raise complex issues. We can help homeowners, local businesses, and developers through the process to deliver high quality schemes.

For homeowners, this helps identify any areas we believe may need changing to make the proposal acceptable. For larger applications, it's important to know early on if an idea is worth pursuing. This will save you time and money.

A planning officer will work with you to identify how much detail is needed in your application. They’ll also let you know which supporting materials are required.

The services we offer

We offer three different pre-application services, depending on the nature of your proposal:

  • householder 
  • small and medium proposals
  • major proposals

You can also get pre-application advice from the Environment Agency for proposals which are:

  • a hectare or more
  • in flood zones 2 or 3
  • close to a watercourse
  • on potentially contaminated land
  • handling waste or hazardous substances​.