Last updated: 5 February 2024

We offer pre-application advice for small and medium proposals.

Small proposals are:

  • 1-3 units (including flat conversions)
  • new build or extensions of 0sqm - 499sqm
  • change of use - 100sqm - 499sqm
  • telecoms masts and equipment
  • advice on conditions, non-material amendments, minor material amendments

Medium proposals are:

  • 4-9 units* (including flat conversions)
  • new build or extensions of 500sqm - 999sqm
  • change of use - 500sqm - 999sqm

*Units include HMO, co-living and student accommodation.

What we offer

Our pre-application advice service may include site visits, or meetings, or a formal written response. In the case of site visits or meetings, the planning officer will contact you directly.

We usually provide a formal written response. This will happen within six weeks of your request unless otherwise agreed.

What the service costs

What the service costs 

  • Small proposals: £1,222 (including VAT) 
  • Medium proposals: £1,742 (including VAT)

See our pre-application advice charging schedule (PDF).

How to request advice

  1. Download and compete the Pre-application form: small and medium proposals (PDF)
  2. Pay, via the online form below, noting your payment reference number 
  3. Email it to, including your payment reference number

We’ll then confirm receipt and let you know how to proceed.

If you’re unsure how much to pay, complete the request form, and ask for payment guidance in the email.