Last updated: 15 June 2023

Next review: 15 June 2024

You may want to appoint a professional (agent) to act for you, if for example:

  • you’re unfamiliar with the planning process
  • your project is complex or controversial
  • your project involves certain design or conservation expertise

An agent is anyone you wish to appoint. For example, a builder, architect, planning consultant, loft company or someone familiar with the planning process.

If you use an agent for your application:

  • they’ll deal with all correspondence and enquiries
  • they’ll receive the decision notice
  • we will discuss a case with the agent not the applicant

Your agent should advise you about the risks of not following our advice, and any potential issues with your proposals. If you have any problems with your application, talk to them.

Find a qualified professional

To find someone suitable, contact the professional bodies:

Under UK law, only those who are listed on the Statutory Register of Architects can call themselves architects.

Check the Register of Architects