Last updated: 8 March 2024

Next review: 1 February 2025

We want to encourage cycling, and that means giving people safe and convenient places to store their bikes. Cycle Parking infrastructure in the Borough consists of:

  • Bike Hangars: Designed for everyday cycle parking on residential streets.
  • Station Cycle Hubs: Designed to enable secure cycle parking at Tube stations, National Rail and Overground stations.
  • Cycle Stands: Located throughout the borough in areas of high footfall, including high streets.  Designed for short and medium length stay cycle parking.

Bike Hangars: Secure Residential Cycle Parking

Secure Residential Cycle Parking

If you live in a house or flat with limited space, cycle storage can be a challenge. To help, we've installed over 750 hangars, giving over 4,500 residents an accessible and secure place to store their cycles.

One Bike Hangar takes up only half a car parking space and can store up to 6 standard bikes. This makes them an extremely efficient and cost effective alternative to parking a car. Bike Hangar membership costs £37.50 per year.

How spaces are allocated

We allocate Bike Hangar spaces using a priority scoring system which is designed to prioritise residents in most need of a space. 

Locations for new Bike Hangars are chosen primarily based on the level of local demand.  Registering your interest in a Bike Hangar space enables us to build a better picture of demand in your area. This allows us to choose new Bike Hangar locations which work for everybody.

Read our Bikehangar FAQs

Register your interest for a Bike Hangar space

You can register your interest in a Bike Hangar space via the online form below. Once registered, you'll be placed on a waiting list until a suitable space becomes available.

Demand for Bike Hangar spaces is high and waiting times are unpredictable as they are based on the rate of membership turnover and the level of local demand. When spaces become available, we allocate them to residents on the waiting list. In addition, we are continuously working to install new Bike Hangars to meet demand. 

Managing your Bike Hangar account

If you have a place in one of our hangars and need to:

  • request a new key
  • or report an issue with a Bike Hangar

Please let us know.

Station Cycle Hubs: Park your cycle securely at public transport hubs

Station cycle hubs

For an annual fee of £37.50 Cycle Hubs are a convenient and secure option for storing your bike while using rail services.  A great solution to help you build cycling into the commute or weekend day out.

All of our Station Cycle Hubs have:

  • CCTV
  • Key fob entry
  • Help points
  • Enhanced lighting
  • Two-tiered user-friendly assisted cycle parking racks
  • Cycle pumps

If you’d like to buy membership for our Station Cycle Hubs, see the new membership link below.

Station Cycle Hub Locations

Blackhorse Road​ (a)Blackhorse Tube Station Car Park 72
  • 38 two-tier racks
  • Air pump and tools
Blackhorse Road​ (b)4-10 Forest Road 70
  • 35  two-tier racks
  • Air pump and tools
ChingfordChingford Station Car Park 26
  • 14 two-tier racks
Highams ParkHighams Park Station Car Park 28
  • 13 two-tier racks
Lea BridgeArgall Way48
  • 23 two-tier racks
  • 1 cargo bike/adapted cycle parking
  • Air pump and repair tool kit
Leyton​Leyton High Road, opposite Leyton Mills Retail Park166
  • 30 two-tier racks (lower floor)
  • 1 cargo bike/adapted bike (lower floor)
  • 52 two-tier racks (upper floor)
  • Air pump and repair tool kit on both floors
Leytonstone​Church Lane50
  • 25 two-tier racks
  • Air pump and repair tool kit
St James Street​St James Street, outside Crate40
  • 20 two-tier racks
  • Air pump and repair tool kit
Walthamstow Central​Selborne Road156
  • 77 two-tier racks
  • 2 cargo bike/adapted cycle parking
  • Air pump
Walthamstow Central​Station Approach80
  • 38 two-tier racks
  • 2 cargo bike/adapted cycle parking
  • Air pump and repair tool kit
Wood Street​Junction of Wood Street and Vallentin Road28
  • 14 two-tier racks

Cycle stands

We have over 2,000 cycle stands in Waltham Forest. To request or suggest a new location for a cycle stand, please email  

Station Cycle Hubs FAQ's

How much it costs to join

Membership of our Station Cycle Hubs costs £35 per year. 

Hubs you can have access to

A Station Cycle Hub membership gives you access to all Hubs in Waltham Forest.  

How long you can leave your cycle in a Hub

You can only leave your cycle in a Hub for a maximum of 7 days at a time. Hubs are meant for short-term, daily cycle parking. Any cycles left for longer than 14 days are registered as abandoned. If you believe your cycle has been removed, please contact the team to collect your cycle as soon as possible by emailing

Spaces in a Hub for your cargo bike or adapted cycle

There are currently larger spaces for Cargo Bikes or adapted cycles at Walthamstow Central (Selborne Road), Walthamstow Central (Station Approach), and Leyton (Ground floor) Station Cycle Hubs.  

Locking your cycle in the Hub

You must lock your cycle within the Hub. Lock the frame and both wheels in a space using two good quality locks or robust chains. 

Leaving your e-scooter, motorbike or moped in the Hub

E-scooters, motorbikes and mopeds are not allowed to be stored in the Station Cycle Hubs.  

How do you pay

You can only pay online, through our website. 

Paying by direct debit

It is not possible to pay by direct debit.  

If you are only renting for 6 months and want to pay monthly

Cycle Hub membership is only available for year-long periods.  

Receive your fob/tag

Your Cycle Hub fob/tag will arrive at your chosen address within 7 working days.  

Sharing a fob with members of your household

You are unable to share your fob with members of your household. Every cycle stored in our Hubs must be registered to separate memberships.  

Report faults or abandoned bikes

Either via ‘My Account’ or by emailing

Reporting an emergency

If you are inside the Hub press the help point and you will automatically be connected to the Operations Centre. If you are outside please call 020 8496 3000. 

Do accounts renew automatically

No. However, the team will send a reminder before your membership expires. Visit ‘My Account’ to renew your membership. 
Is a new fob/tag needed once you have renewed

No. Your fob will automatically be renewed by the team once we receive payment.   

Refunds if you thought you were getting a place in a Bike Hangar

If you paid in error thinking Cycle Hubs are the same as Bike Hangars, we will refund you. 

Are you guaranteed a space in the Hub each morning

No. There is no guarantee of a space. We always try to remove abandoned or garaged bikes to ensure there is enough space for our members.

I have bought a new bike. Do I need a new fob/tag?

If you've bought a new cycle, please email us at and we'll send you a new tag. You will not need a new fob. 

Can I place two cycles in the Hub using one membership?

Yes: please let us know if you own multiple cycles so we can issue separate cable ID tags for each one. However, you can't store them both in our Hubs at the same time. This helps us ensure there are enough spaces for all our users. 

Is there a discount for children’s cycles/multiple cycles?

No, there are no discounts available for the Cycle Hubs.  

Does the cost of a cycle Hub membership reduce every year you renew?

No. Cycle Hub fees do not reduce when you renew your membership. 

Do I get any other perks other than Cycle Hub entry with my membership?

New members will also receive a free Bike Register Membership Plus security marking kit worth £12.99. 

What happens if I lose my Cycle Hub fob?

If you've lost your fob, you can order a replacement for £10 online through ‘My Account.

What happens if my fob is stolen?

If your fob is stolen, and you can provide a crime reference number, we'll send you a replacement fob for free. 

Will my fob automatically work when new Cycle Hubs open?

Yes. Your fob will automatically work with any new Hubs. 

How are the Cycle Hubs secure?

Our Cycle Hubs have the following security features:

  • CCTV
  • Key fob entry
  • Secure locking system
  • Help points
  • Enhanced 24 hour lighting

We also ask all our members to use the Hubs responsibly and to not allow anyone to tailgate you when using the Hub.  
Help! My fob has stopped working, what do I do?

Please tell us via ‘My Account’ or email We will then send you a replacement. 

Help! My bike is in the Hub but my membership has run out!

Please tell us via ‘My Account’ or email

We can then help you either to renew your membership or provide access so you can collect your cycle. 

Can I leave my bike long term in the Hub, using it like a garage?

No. Our Hubs are intended for short term, daily cycle parking. Any bikes left for longer than 14 days are registered as abandoned. If you believe your cycle has been removed, please contact the team to collect it as soon as possible at 

Why has my bike been marked as abandoned?

Your bike has been identified as being left in the Cycle Hub for an extended period of time. We identify abandoned bicycles in different ways, such as;

  • Has the bicycle been locked in the same place for a long time?
  • Are the tyres flat?
  • Is the bicycle covered in dust? 

Does your insurance cover my bike when stored in the Hub?

No. Your bike is left in our Hubs at your own risk and under your responsibility. We recommend taking out insurance to cover your bike in the event of theft or damage.  

Tips to help you keep your cycle safe

Here are a few tips to help you keep your cycle safe:

  • Always lock your cycle when you leave it
  • Try to avoid leaving your cycle in isolated places. Leave it where people can see it but avoid leaving it on display for long periods, even if locked properly
  • Use a Cycle Stand, Cycle Hub or Bike Hangar where possible
  • Lock your cycle through the frame using two good locks
  • Secure or remove wheels: Secure removable parts; lock both wheels and the frame together. Remove smaller parts and accessories that can't be secured
  • Lock your cycle to an immovable object, like a bike rack or ground anchors. Determined thieves can remove drainpipes and lift bikes over signposts
  • Make the lock and cycle hard to move when parked. Stop thieves smashing it open by keeping the lock away from the ground. Keep the gap between the cycle and lock small
  • Insure your cycle, either by extending your home contents insurance or by getting a separate policy. Cycling organisations like the London Cycling Campaign and Cycling uk, and many bike shops offer specialist cover
  • Make a note of the serial number, make and model of your cycle. Keep a photograph of your cycle
  • Have the frame security marked. Visit the Bike Register website to find out how to mark and protect your cycle