Tenant repair permission


You must first ask permission before you carry out any work repairing, or altering something in a home that Waltham Forest Housing is responsible for.

  • anything that will change the appearance of your property, eg installing a satellite dish
  • repairing or altering something we are responsible for eg replacing windows or painting outside
  • you can see what we’re responsible for here
  • any major alterations, like removing a wall

All work you do must comply with building standards, and if it goes wrong, you’ll be responsible for repairing it. 

  • anything that risks disturbing asbestos
  • laying laminate/ solid flooring 
  • anything that requires planning permission 
  • something that causes structural damage to the property
  • you could be asked to return your home to the condition it was before - at your own expense.
  • and you’ll be held responsible for any damage to other properties

To get permission, simply contact Building Services

Email buildingservices@walthamforest.gov.uk

Phone 0208 496 3000