Find current teaching and school based vacancies for non-residents

These jobs for teachers and school staff are open to residents and non-residents of Waltham Forest.

Local jobs for local people

Our Opportunities team supports Waltham Forest residents with a wide range of recruitment help. From free training to application support and access to local jobs that are for residents only.

These include roles in schools that align with the school working day. These roles could benefit parents or those with caring responsibilities. 

Free training to become a qualified Teachers’ Assistant (TA) or Teacher of Adults

Find out more about teacher training courses

Early Career Teachers (ECTs)

Waltham Forest is the perfect location for Early Career Teachers (formerly Newly Qualified Teachers/NQTs). With transport links to central London on the Victoria Line and overground, Walthamstow is easy to reach. A short walk from the tube station is a shopping centre, several supermarkets as well as Europe’s longest street market. The borough has easy access to sports and leisure facilities at the Olympic Village in Stratford.

As a local authority, we continue to serve our diverse community. As an ECT in the borough, you join our community whilst learning skills for your future education career.

Continuing professional development is available to all ECTs in Waltham Forest.

Teacher training in England and Wales

The Department for Education has information on training to become a teacher, which includes starting salaries and funding options.

Resources for Waltham Forest teachers

The Hub is our online resource centre for schools and teaching.

List of all schools

You can view the list of all schools in the borough on the GOV.UK's website. The list includes nurseries, academies, special and independent schools. This list does not include colleges.

Sixth forms and colleges

Find information about schools with sixth forms and colleges in Waltham Forest through on the GOV.UK website

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