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Council home building programme

See our plans for building more much needed council homes.

To give you a greater choice of affordable homes, we’re committed to building more than 500 council homes for rent over the next few years.

What’s more, we plan to deliver 2,000 new council homes over the next five years by redeveloping council-owned sites.

What the housing development process involves

  • Housing development starts with carrying a feasibility and viability appraisal. This tells us how many homes could fit on the site, and how much it’ll cost to build.
  • If we can build homes on the site, an architect will prepare plans, reports and everything else needed for a planning application.
  • When we’re happy with the plans, we’ll submit a planning application to the local planning authority like any other developer.
  • Residents and businesses around the site are then consulted and are invited to comment on the planning application. See commenting on a planning application to find out how to comment.
  • If planning permission is granted, we’ll appoint a building contractor to build the homes.

The whole process can take at least two years.

Waltham Forest Housing Development Team

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Waltham Forest Housing

Housing Development and Regeneration

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