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Last updated: 14 November 2022

Next review: 14 November 2023

We're committed to ensuring all our housing stock meets modern British safety standards and residents feel safe in their homes.

Ahead of new Building Safety standards and legislation from Government, we're doing all we can to ensure our high-rise tenants feel safe. The legislation means that high rise buildings will be held to new standards.  It will require Waltham Forest, and all other UK landlords to assess their housing stock against this new standard.

As part of that commitment, we commissioned independent investigations of our high-rise blocks by expert fire engineers. The report recommended some building improvements were needed to bring the buildings up to the new standards.

We're now investing £40m in a comprehensive programme of works to fix these issues. 

See what we've got planned in our block by block work programme

While this work's being done, we're introducing a Waking Watch into some of our high-rise buildings to provide an on-site presence. This means trained operatives will be on site 24/7, to reassure our residents.

We're also temporarily changing the fire emergency strategy of these buildings from Stay Put during an emergency to Simultaneous Evacuation.

You can find out more about what these changes mean in the following pages.