Last updated: 15 August 2023

Next review: 28 June 2024

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As well as the question about sexual orientation, the 2021 Census was the first to ask a question regarding gender identity. The question was voluntary and recorded for those aged 16 and over. 8% of people in London and Waltham Forest, and 6% of people nationally chose not to answer the question. 

In Waltham Forest, 2,409 residents aged 16 and over (1.1%) said in census that they identify with gender different from the sex assigned at birth. This is similar to the London average (0.9%), and higher than the England average (0.5%).  

Of the 2,409 people whose gender identity was different from the sex registered at birth, around half did not give any specific identity. 422 residents identified as trans men and 391 as trans women (around 0.2% of adult population each).  

Chart for Population aged 16 and over by gender identity

Source: Office for National Statistics – Census 2021 Data Date accessed: 09 March 2023 

Most of the local authorities with the highest proportion of gender diverse residents were in London: Newham (1.5%) and Brent (1.3%) had the highest proportions. Waltham Forest ranked ninth highest nationally in terms of the proportion of trans men, and 10th highest nationally in terms of the proportion of trans women.