Last updated: 13 February 2024

Next review: 13 February 2025

How much alcohol should I drink?

Alcohol units

Alcohol consumption is measured in units.

1 unit = 10ml (8g) of pure alcohol, which is the same as:

  • Pint of beer (4%) contains 2.3 units of alcohol
  • Pint of cider (4.5%) contains 2.6 units of alcohol
  • 25ml standard spirit  1 unit (40%) contains 1 unit of alcohol
  • 27cml alcopop (4%) contains 1.1 units of alcohol
  • 175ml glass of wine (13%) contains 2.3 units of alcohol
  • 125ml glass of champagne (12%) contains 1.5 units of alcohol
  • DrinkCoach allows people to assess their drinking and receive brief personalized advice by taking a two-minute quiz.

Current guidance recommends:

  • Track your intake
  • Not to drink more than 14 units a week on a regular basis
  • Spread your drinking over 3 or more days
  • Take a break from alcohol 2 days a week 

Pregnant women should avoid drinking altogether.