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Whipps Won’t Wait

Sign the petition to secure the future of Whipps Cross.

We need a new hospital now!

Whipps Cross is one of six hospitals to benefit from government funding as part of a new ‘health infrastructure programme’.

In partnership with Redbridge Council, the #WhippsWontWait campaign is calling on the government to secure funding for Whipps Cross. If the funding is not agreed this autumn, there is a real risk the new hospital will not be built.

The recent flooding that closed the A&E and prevented hundreds of essential operations showed once again the dire condition the hospital is in.

Building a brighter future for Whipps Cross

Whipps Cross Hospital has been a cherished part of the local community it serves for over 100 years but it is ageing and in desperate need of rebuilding. 

By signing our petition, you are helping to secure the development of the new hospital and ensure Whipps Cross is a modern, fit for purpose hospital that patients, staff and visitors deserve.

  • Improved core NHS services brought closer together for better patient care  
  • All new clinical departments including intensive care, A&E and maternity  
  • More clinics and same day patient care  
  • Better access to diagnostics  
  • Increased clinical space for patients  
  • Easier access and navigation for patients, staff and visitors  
  • Coordinated transport links and improved parking  
Whipps won't wait

Get involved

We need everyone to show their support so that the government will listen and act now. Here’s some of the ways you can help to get our voice heard:

  • Sign the petition or look out for petition cards you can sign and give back to our team
  • Share the link to our petition with your friends, family and co-workers – anyone can sign the petition (you don’t have to live or work in Waltham Forest)
  • Follow us on social media and like and share our posts about Whipps Cross
  • Post a selfie or short video clip to show or say what a new hospital at Whipps Cross would mean to you – don’t forget to use #WhippsWontWait and tag @wfcouncil so we can share your posts!
  • Were you treated at Whipps Cross? Were you there during the July flooding? Tell us your experience or story in our quick online form.