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Meet the IROs

Every child and young person in care must have an Independent Reviewing Officers (IRO).

Last updated: 19 January 2023

Independent Reviewing Officers

We are your Independent Reviewing Officers. Some people call us ‘IROs’ for short.

Every child and young person in care must have an IRO.

IROs will:

  • Make sure your wishes and feelings are heard
  • Chair your review meetings
  • Check you are being cared for properly
  • Follow up decisions from your review

Reasons why you might want to contact us

  • If things agreed at your review have not happened
  • Problems with where you live or seeing family or friends
  • To ask for advice or information
  • Help to make a complaint or to get an advocate

Meet the team

You can ring, text or email us. If you leave a message on our voicemail, we will always call you back as soon as possible. 

Please note we do not work weekends. Please text or leave us a voicemail, and we will get back to you.