Who is Liftshare and what do they do?

The Council has contracted with Liftshare, the UK's leading car share provider. They offer a lift share service to Council staff. Liftshare enables organised car sharing by connecting people travelling in the same direction. Through arranging to travel together and share the costs, it reduces congestion and pollution at the same time. As the development work of the Town Hall continues, parking availability will be reduced and alternative arrangements will need to be made.  

There are designated Liftshare parking bays at the Town Hall. Currently located to the south of the Assembly Hall, which will be reserved only for those using the scheme. You must sign up for Liftshare, and make all sharing arrangements through the site to benefit from the allocated parking.

In order to see how Liftshare will use your data, please refer to the Liftshare Privacy Notice

Find details on the benefit to you and how to join.

For further information please contact Matthew Hanton by emailing matthew.hanton@walthamforest.gov.uk

Information held about you

When you register, Liftshare will collect your personal information to create your account and offer the service to you.  The details they will collect include your name, age, address and email address. 

Why your information is needed and how it is used

Liftshare uses the data of registered members to provide personal travel plans. They match the journey criteria they request through Liftshare's online platform, or as part of the Council’s travel to work planning.

The Council can then view data pertaining to the scheme usage. This will not contain any personally identifiable data and will be used by the Council for reporting purposes only.